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We are here to facilitate meetings for students to learn from professionals in the community to not only learn from but to network with.

Endless Opportunities

Networking Within All Aspects of Real Estate

We provide endless opportunities to network with Real Estate professional in all aspects of the industry ranging from large-scale real estate developers to student rental investors. 


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Committed To Educating Our Members

We make it our first and main goal of educating all of our members with talented guest speakers that hold prestigous positions in the real estate industry.

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What Our Members Have To Say


GVSU Alumni

Ward Henderson

Previously leading the club helped me develop my leadership skills, work with diverse individuals, communicate effectively and inspire team members. Building strong relationships is key to successful leadership in personal and professional settings. The experience has been invaluable and continues to benefit me.

GVSU Undergraduate

Elias Giannakopoulos

Becoming the new leader of the club will not only allow me provide prestiogus value to my peers but allow me to get in-front of leaders in the real estate industry throughout Michigan and internationally as well!

GVSU Undergraduate

Lauren Wawee

The club provided me invaluable experiences in leadership development and practical skills such as project management & initiatives, marketing content & strategy, and handling the sponsorship efforts.

GVSU Undergraduate

Spencer Pazner

The club allowed me to get a deeper understanding of how financials play a deep role in longevity for the club and how to properly allocate funds to ensure we are providing value the most effective way.