About Us

About Us

A Leading Student Business Organization

We aim to facilitate frequent meetings and events to both explore the interests of and enhance group members’ understanding of architecture, appraising, brokerage, civil engineering, counseling, land development and building, management, mortgage financing, education, and other related fields of real estate through education by way of lectures by guest speakers, research and exchange of information, and attendance of regional real estate conferences and events.  

Tour Properties

We provide invaluable opportunities to tour properties, development sites, multi-family units, and many more throughout the academic year.

Learn Speaker Journeys

Success stories from our guest speakers is how we will learn the hurdles they overcame and how to expedite our success!

Understand Economics

Economic activity and news heavily affects the real estate market and we ensure to discuss this topic during meetings.


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Relationships Is Our Priority

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Our Team Goal

Committed To Bring Value To Our Peers

We believe that providing value at no cost to our peers and students accross Grand Valley through our events and training will continue the longevity of our club.